Once upon a time

fall fashion magazine

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman (let me guess…) who was largely unconfident and so much concerned about others’ opinion, specifically what her boss and coworkers were thinking of her, that she did not care about what SHE really liked. No matter the way she felt (under) valued, she just kept on, stuck working on her tasks, being proactive and collaborative, always trying to do her best.

Years went by…

The fall 2017 issue has finally arrived!

fashion magazine fall 2017 issue - fashionx magazine

The summer 2017 issue has finally arrived!

Available in an amazing print edition and also as a free digital version to download!

We want to thank all the people involved in the project. Thanks to the editorial staff and all the contributors: Lindsay Birch, Marty Brown, Alessia Gallo, Carlos Santos, Andrea Scala, Olga Vetrova, Alena Kartushina, Rayanne Hertkorn, Venera Mazurenko, Sagia Kalisky, Eri Muneto, Marlon Yumul, Megan Sharp, Katie Donnelly, Anshu Gautam, LiAndra Terrell.

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