Just a brief update.

Finally Winter issue is coming; we are accepting submissions for the Spring 2019 issue right now.

The importance of being tagged

Leafing through magazines, scrolling Instagram feeds, suddenly an image catches your eyes: maybe the contrast between light and dark, the vivid colors, the faces, that “jenesaisquoi”. You wish you knew more about the author of a stunning shot, the creator of the fabulous look or that stylish but wearable outfit. You’d like to share your interest with your friends and show them everything. And then, these friends might do the same with other friends… 



We believe that there is no other word to express our sincere gratitude to you better than THANK YOU. From the bottom of our hearts.

You know, it is weird to hear the simple word ‘Thanks’, nowadays:  some people, (not all of them, luckily) take everything for granted, even when they should not. You treat people well, with kindness and respect, and of course you get the same in return. Or at least you would. Bulls***! ‘Some’ are deeply convinced that everything is always to be given to them, without neither asking nor thanking.  Let’s kiss them goodbye and do not let them bother our day; how does that sound?

Thank you, dear contributors and followers for helping Fashionx Magazine support you and your projects in this extremely challenging and ambitious adventure which started about a year ago, when an antisocialmedia friend of mine, Beth (Johnson), current Editor in Chief of Fashionx, called some friends one day and told them about her crazy idea.

“An online magazine? WhoWhatWhen? Are you out of your mind?” That’s what I first answered her, more or less.  

And yet, here we are, twelve months later: five issues, an extended team and so much work in progress. We owe you this, guys; therefore, thank you so much for making this eccentric idea a reality!


*The followers, while I’m waiting for the other guys of the Magazine to be on line for our scheduled editorial meeting.

Once upon a time

fall fashion magazine

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman (let me guess…) who was largely unconfident and so much concerned about others’ opinion, specifically what her boss and coworkers were thinking of her, that she did not care about what SHE really liked. No matter the way she felt (under) valued, she just kept on, stuck working on her tasks, being proactive and collaborative, always trying to do her best.

Years went by…

Suddenly, something happened: in an incredibly hot day of August, in the middle of her summer holidays, our woman got a call, calmly saying that her layoff was coming in the next days. It took her a little while to swallow it (between us, more than a while!). Sometime later, she started wondering what she really wanted from life and, most of all, what she did not.

September is the best month to start new adventures, fix challenging goals, reinvent yourself; after the summer break, we feel more relaxed, a bit tanned, tremendously gorgeous and come back with new ideas. Some of us make new plans, after a true analysis of the past, what we did, the mistakes we made and how to avoid them in the future, to get what we want.
What do we want…It is not so easy to get, once we stop to think carefully about it; we are often afraid of changing and, therefore, we do not take chances; doing so, however, it’s like we partially gave up living. Fortunately, even when we do not take decisions, life, destiny, circumstances, Karma, whatever, come to help; it might not be perfectly clear at first, though!

Blue, yellow, orange, red...

summer fashion magazine

Thinking about summer, this is what immediately comes to my mind. Brilliant, saturated and vivid colours: a touch of colour can influence your mood and, why not, even give you a smile. Sometimes!
Summer, however, also means hot, very hot weather, which means heat waves, which means increase in those fluids secreted by the sweat glands, more commonly known as sweat.
Has it ever happened to you, while in the middle of your self-contemplation in front of the mirror, trying on a wonderful dress or a dress shirt and suddenly start noticing something which makes you feel terribly uncomfortable, enormously embarrassed? Something strange, disgraceful in your underarms… Oh, what is it? A hard visible trace going to be larger and larger, oh s***! An obvious pit stain, just out there, on a $$$ piece of clothing, perhaps still unpaid, sigh! What can I do to avoid it?
Being an “expert on the sector”, after so many awkward situations, I’ve finally succeeded in reducing this inconvenient. When I go shopping in stores, I always remember to put in my handbag a small pack of Kleenex, better if perfumed, to wipe off the sweat before, during and after trying on whatever. Furthermore, I choose the fitting room positioned to the nearest AC system, if possible; no matter the neck pain or head cold, once home: cold is crucial.
Thermal water, then, is a must-have: you can vaporize wherever and whenever, to refresh and rehydrate your face and body in just a few seconds, feeling immediately better.
Wearing dark coloured clothing is a valuable help for shaping the figure; however, as the heat rises, while dark shades do absorb the light and convert it into heat, increasing the temperature, soft white ones don’t, allowing therefore, your skin to breathe, and you to stay fresh, not greasy and at ease.
Cotton and linen are highly suggested for the season: elegant and chic, great with leather or bright accessories, perfect on sun tanned skin, for an incredible gorgeous look.

Have fun, girls, and tan wisely and stay always positive.


Time flows

Time flows.
Sometimes too fast, some others it stands still and everything seems so l o o o n g and boring.

How many of us have ever looked insistently and nervously at that cadent, old, somewhat marvellous movement of the clock hands?
Very few, I suppose. At least, since mobiles appeared!
Ok, I will rephrase my question.
How many of us have ever stolen a glance at the time on the mobile, while faking interest in an annoying conversation with someone? I have.
Going back and forth, fidgeting with our fingers and waiting for the most various reasons: a job call that never comes, a traffic light stuck on red, a turn in an endless line, someone on a date…
The incredible thing is, we can manage the dimension of our time; it relies on us, actually. In bad times, think that whatever it is, it will not last forever. Nothing does! Try to stay positive; inhale through the nose, hold for one moment and breathe out through the mouth. Repeatedly.
In good times, live in the present moment, as much as possible. Past is gone and future… who knows?

I figured out some survival strategies:

Have you always been respectful of those friends who take at least 20- 25 minutes each time before showing up? Right. Do not forget that your time is as precious and valuable as your friends’ time. Respect, kindness and patience should be repaid likewise. This is not a fair world, though; so, talk to them, openly, without the fear of hurting their feelings and let them know what really bothers you. Doesn’t it work yet? You know what to do, then ;).
Yourself first.

Have you been waiting for a lover or similar stuff who does not return your calls? Does it sound familiar? Just turn off the phone, go out sporting, meet friends, do whatever BUT please, do not remain inactive and impatient, expecting something happens.
Yourself first. Again.

Have you been sending resumes everywhere and still nothing comes up? I know how frustrating it is, I went through: it looks as if all your efforts were wasted and useless while time is flying by and you are short of money. Do not give up, move on and when possible, take a little time to do what you like most.

spring has arrived, the sun is knocking at our door.
Let’s say goodbye to laziness and go out smiling.

FacePaint The Story of Makeup

A deep look into the history of make-up since its very first origin until today, written by the famous and fabulous make-up artist Lisa Eldridge.

You shouldn’t be expecting a step by step make-up guide, like her worldwide appreciated and super visited blog, but a fascinating history of make-up throughout the centuries: the ancient ingredients, the first, harmful, beauty treatments and experimentations and a very interesting analyses of the reasons and factors which might have led our ancestors towards make-up.

A wonderful gift for everyone curious about the provenance of most of the products populating women’s cosmetic beauty bag today. FacePaint contains sophisticated illustrations, vintage covers, extraordinary photos of make-up muses and iconic women and, last but not least, memorable advertisements of some of the brands that shaped the history of make-up.