FacePaint The Story of Makeup

A deep look into the history of make-up since its very first origin until today, written by the famous and fabulous make-up artist Lisa Eldridge.

You shouldn’t be expecting a step by step make-up guide, like her worldwide appreciated and super visited blog, but a fascinating history of make-up throughout the centuries: the ancient ingredients, the first, harmful, beauty treatments and experimentations and a very interesting analyses of the reasons and factors which might have led our ancestors towards make-up.

A wonderful gift for everyone curious about the provenance of most of the products populating women’s cosmetic beauty bag today. FacePaint contains sophisticated illustrations, vintage covers, extraordinary photos of make-up muses and iconic women and, last but not least, memorable advertisements of some of the brands that shaped the history of make-up.

credit: http://www.lisaeldridge.com/facepaint/