The importance of being tagged

Leafing through magazines, scrolling Instagram feeds, suddenly an image catches your eyes: maybe the contrast between light and dark, the vivid colors, the faces, that “jenesaisquoi”. You wish you knew more about the author of a stunning shot, the creator of the fabulous look or that stylish but wearable outfit. You’d like to share your interest with your friends and show them everything. And then, these friends might do the same with other friends… 

I always pay attention to images and wonder: sure, I’ll find somewhere the photographer or model’s name or the make-up artist who did the job. A team, people who discussed, supposedly argued but worked hard on an idea to make it come true. What about them? Why on earth shouldn’t they be credited?

Here at Fashionx Magazine, we do tag everyone involved in the project we decide to post; when we don’t, because sometimes we don’t, it means the contributor decided not to let us know about his crew. Which is, frankly, a great pity!