Once upon a time

fall fashion magazine

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman (let me guess…) who was largely unconfident and so much concerned about others’ opinion, specifically what her boss and coworkers were thinking of her, that she did not care about what SHE really liked. No matter the way she felt (under) valued, she just kept on, stuck working on her tasks, being proactive and collaborative, always trying to do her best.

Years went by…

Suddenly, something happened: in an incredibly hot day of August, in the middle of her summer holidays, our woman got a call, calmly saying that her layoff was coming in the next days. It took her a little while to swallow it (between us, more than a while!). Sometime later, she started wondering what she really wanted from life and, most of all, what she did not.

September is the best month to start new adventures, fix challenging goals, reinvent yourself; after the summer break, we feel more relaxed, a bit tanned, tremendously gorgeous and come back with new ideas. Some of us make new plans, after a true analysis of the past, what we did, the mistakes we made and how to avoid them in the future, to get what we want.
What do we want…It is not so easy to get, once we stop to think carefully about it; we are often afraid of changing and, therefore, we do not take chances; doing so, however, it’s like we partially gave up living. Fortunately, even when we do not take decisions, life, destiny, circumstances, Karma, whatever, come to help; it might not be perfectly clear at first, though!