Blue, yellow, orange, red...

summer fashion magazine

Thinking about summer, this is what immediately comes to my mind. Brilliant, saturated and vivid colours: a touch of colour can influence your mood and, why not, even give you a smile. Sometimes!
Summer, however, also means hot, very hot weather, which means heat waves, which means increase in those fluids secreted by the sweat glands, more commonly known as sweat.
Has it ever happened to you, while in the middle of your self-contemplation in front of the mirror, trying on a wonderful dress or a dress shirt and suddenly start noticing something which makes you feel terribly uncomfortable, enormously embarrassed? Something strange, disgraceful in your underarms… Oh, what is it? A hard visible trace going to be larger and larger, oh s***! An obvious pit stain, just out there, on a $$$ piece of clothing, perhaps still unpaid, sigh! What can I do to avoid it?
Being an “expert on the sector”, after so many awkward situations, I’ve finally succeeded in reducing this inconvenient. When I go shopping in stores, I always remember to put in my handbag a small pack of Kleenex, better if perfumed, to wipe off the sweat before, during and after trying on whatever. Furthermore, I choose the fitting room positioned to the nearest AC system, if possible; no matter the neck pain or head cold, once home: cold is crucial.
Thermal water, then, is a must-have: you can vaporize wherever and whenever, to refresh and rehydrate your face and body in just a few seconds, feeling immediately better.
Wearing dark coloured clothing is a valuable help for shaping the figure; however, as the heat rises, while dark shades do absorb the light and convert it into heat, increasing the temperature, soft white ones don’t, allowing therefore, your skin to breathe, and you to stay fresh, not greasy and at ease.
Cotton and linen are highly suggested for the season: elegant and chic, great with leather or bright accessories, perfect on sun tanned skin, for an incredible gorgeous look.

Have fun, girls, and tan wisely and stay always positive.