We believe that there is no other word to express our sincere gratitude to you better than THANK YOU. From the bottom of our hearts.

You know, it is weird to hear the simple word ‘Thanks’, nowadays:  some people, (not all of them, luckily) take everything for granted, even when they should not. You treat people well, with kindness and respect, and of course you get the same in return. Or at least you would. Bulls***! ‘Some’ are deeply convinced that everything is always to be given to them, without neither asking nor thanking.  Let’s kiss them goodbye and do not let them bother our day; how does that sound?

Thank you, dear contributors and followers for helping Fashionx Magazine support you and your projects in this extremely challenging and ambitious adventure which started about a year ago, when an antisocialmedia friend of mine, Beth (Johnson), current Editor in Chief of Fashionx, called some friends one day and told them about her crazy idea.

“An online magazine? WhoWhatWhen? Are you out of your mind?” That’s what I first answered her, more or less.  

And yet, here we are, twelve months later: five issues, an extended team and so much work in progress. We owe you this, guys; therefore, thank you so much for making this eccentric idea a reality!


*The followers, while I’m waiting for the other guys of the Magazine to be on line for our scheduled editorial meeting.