Time flows

Time flows.
Sometimes too fast, some others it stands still and everything seems so l o o o n g and boring.

How many of us have ever looked insistently and nervously at that cadent, old, somewhat marvellous movement of the clock hands?
Very few, I suppose. At least, since mobiles appeared!
Ok, I will rephrase my question.
How many of us have ever stolen a glance at the time on the mobile, while faking interest in an annoying conversation with someone? I have.
Going back and forth, fidgeting with our fingers and waiting for the most various reasons: a job call that never comes, a traffic light stuck on red, a turn in an endless line, someone on a date…
The incredible thing is, we can manage the dimension of our time; it relies on us, actually. In bad times, think that whatever it is, it will not last forever. Nothing does! Try to stay positive; inhale through the nose, hold for one moment and breathe out through the mouth. Repeatedly.
In good times, live in the present moment, as much as possible. Past is gone and future… who knows?

I figured out some survival strategies:

Have you always been respectful of those friends who take at least 20- 25 minutes each time before showing up? Right. Do not forget that your time is as precious and valuable as your friends’ time. Respect, kindness and patience should be repaid likewise. This is not a fair world, though; so, talk to them, openly, without the fear of hurting their feelings and let them know what really bothers you. Doesn’t it work yet? You know what to do, then ;).
Yourself first.

Have you been waiting for a lover or similar stuff who does not return your calls? Does it sound familiar? Just turn off the phone, go out sporting, meet friends, do whatever BUT please, do not remain inactive and impatient, expecting something happens.
Yourself first. Again.

Have you been sending resumes everywhere and still nothing comes up? I know how frustrating it is, I went through: it looks as if all your efforts were wasted and useless while time is flying by and you are short of money. Do not give up, move on and when possible, take a little time to do what you like most.

spring has arrived, the sun is knocking at our door.
Let’s say goodbye to laziness and go out smiling.